When it comes to healthy aging, vitamins are some of your most powerful allies. Perhaps the most widely-used and well-trusted is vitamin C. Its popularity is due to the vitamin’s effects on helping to reduce the risk of developing a cold and keeping the immune system in check.

But you may not know of all the other benefits that vitamin C offers to those who take it on a regular basis. The truth is, it’s highly effective and improving health and ensuring that seniors get the nutrition they really need.

However, most seniors aren’t getting the vitamin C they need to keep them feeling healthy and happy. Since this vitamin is water-soluble, it does not remain in the body for extended periods of time. So it’s very important for seniors to get their vitamin C through more than just their food. There are many supplements and multivitamins that contain high amounts of the vitamin, seniors should consider adding one of these to their daily diet.

So what role does vitamin C play in healthy aging and why is it so important for seniors? Here are just some of the many benefits that come with it:

Cardiovascular Well-being

Heart health is vital to a senior’s long-term well-being. While good exercise is one of the best things to keep senior’s hearts healthy and strong, a good vitamin C regimen is also instrumental in keeping the cardiovascular system working at peak performance.

Studies have shown that vitamin C’s antioxidant attributes can help to protect the heart and fortify it with similar benefits that exercise provides. While taking vitamin C is not an acceptable substitute for staying active, the vitamin can be taken in combination with an exercise program to make a positive impact.

Immune System

Everyone knows vitamin C is excellent for strengthening the immune system. Having enough vitamin C in your system can be instrumental at fighting off free radicals and the illnesses they can usher in. This is essential for seniors who are already dealing with certain health issues that a compromised immune system would be unable to battle back against.

Bringing vitamin C into the fight can give your immune system the assistance it needs to stave off pneumonia or even the common cold. Both of which can be dangerous for seniors who have been diagnosed with medical conditions.

Better Vision

We at Seniors Helping Seniors know that a loss of vision can be devastating to anyone. But for elderly adults who may not have moral and physical support systems in place, this can be particularly difficult. But there have been studies conducted that show strong evidence of vitamin C’s ability to reduce the risk of developing vision problems such macular degeneration.

Vitamin C taken in conjunction with other vitamins like zeaxanthin and lutein can be highly effective at helping seniors keep their vision longer and decrease the likelihood of experiencing the weakness of vision that can come with getting older.

With so many important benefits that vitamin C provides, you might want to consider if you are getting enough.

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