In order to get more out of your air conditioner, you must ensure that it continues to work without fail. To do that, you need to have it serviced on a routine basis. Having one of the many HVAC companies in Independence,  Ohio inspect and maintain your air conditioner can help identify many of the common signs of AC failure.

So what are they? How do you know your AC is about to go on the blink and what can you do to solve these issues before the temperature hits triple digit this summer? Good questions to ask and we have the answers you’re seeking on this matter. If you discover any of the following indications of pending malfunction or total failure, it means that your air conditioning has failed or is ready to break down.

Decreased Airflow

When you switch on your air conditioner and the air doesn’t come out with much strength or forcefulness, you could be dealing with a significant decrease in your air flow due to a blockage or some other obstacle preventing the air from getting out at a normal rate of velocity.

There could be two problems you’re dealing with here, the first is some kind of obstruction in the ducts of the system, and the second could be an old, dirty air filter that needs replacing. In either case, you could be putting your system at risk for failure, because when air flow is being negatively affected the system will have to work longer and harder to deliver the level of output you expect.

Warm Air Coming Out

You turn on your air conditioner to blow cold air into the room to cool it down. So when you feel warm air being blown out instead, you clearly have a problem with your system. Depending on the reason for this malfunction, you may be facing a significant repair.

First, check to see that your system has been switched over to the cool setting or lower the thermostat substantially. If this doesn’t fix the issue, your compressor may be inoperable.

Water Leaks

All air conditioners have some amount of condensation. But when you water pooling up beneath your unit or you find water leaks coming through the walls or ceiling, you are dealing with a far more serious and significant problem. One that could result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage.

So if you notice any such accumulation of condensation inside the home, your air conditioner may be failing and the problem needs to be resolved immediately.

Bad Smells

Air that comes out of your vents should not have a rank or displeasing odor. If you notice that your air conditioner is giving off a foul odor, you need to have the system diagnosed. In most instances, a bad smell means the system just needs to be cleaned. You should do it as quickly as possible, all of that bad smelling air is coming from bacteria that has built up inside the system.


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