Whether you’re leaving the country to go travelling or heading off to Uni, the need for long term storage solutions is an issue that deserves your full attention. Otherwise, you could return to find that your goods have been severely damaged. Frankly, preparing your items ahead of using the storage facility is absolutely crucial.

Follow these simple steps and you won’t go far wrong.

  • Make an itemised list of your possessions before you start packing. Not only will this serve as a great reference point when taking your stuff out of storage, but it’ll also enable you to plan the order of packing along with which packing materials are needed.
  • Avoid plastic where possible. While you may feel that this is a great material for protecting valuables against water damage, the humidity can cause serious issues over the long haul. This can also encourage mould growth and mildew.
  • Individually wrap all fragile items using bubble wrap, tape, and other suitable packing materials for the job at hand. When using boxes, try to keep good in their original packaging where possible. Other goods can be kept in sturdy boxes from Kite Packaging.
  • Go through all possessions and ask whether you really need them. Storage isn’t free. In some cases, it might be better to sell bulkier items and replace them when you require a different item in a year or two. Paying more money for storage than it’d cost to replace the product would be silly.
  • Clean the interiors of any home appliances like kitchen ovens and fridges. Otherwise, the bacteria will grow and spread to destroy the appliance and cause damage to other goods. Besides, it’ll save you from a potential headache when yo use the goods later on.
  • Use palettes to keep boxes off of the ground. This aids air circulation while also reducing the threat of water damage should water get into the storage unit through flooding, leaks, or any other issue. It’s a simple trick but makes a big impact.
  • Buy vacuum sealed bags for your fabrics to prevent damage from humidity within the storage unit. This can also prevent damage caused by bugs and critters that may enter the storage facility from time to time. It stops them from smelling too.
  • Be sure to pack any of the items that may be needed in the near future (perhaps items that students need in summer) last. This means that they will be at the front of the pile when accessing your facility, making life a lot easier and convenient.

In addition to taking the right steps in relation to packing the goods, you also need to think about the choice of storage facility. A trustworthy self storage provider like Henfield Storage will be the most valuable asset of all. Whichever option you take, be sure to choose an option with great security and affordable pricing for long term storage requirements.

When you tick all of the boxes on the checklist, you can keep your goods in storage with confidence. Frankly, that’s the least you deserve.


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