Any bugs in your home are gross. But when we’re talking about bed bugs, you may have a real challenge on your hands with the task of eliminating them entirely. In order to keep pests away, you may want to try some of these steps to prevent them from infesting your home as the summer months come rolling in.

Your Bedding

We’re talking about your blankets, your sheets, bedspreads, anything that goes on your bed. You may even want to wash your pajamas or other clothing that you typically wear to bed. These items can make it easy for bed bugs and the eggs they lay to hide out and continue the vicious cycle of pests hatching in your home.

When you wash these items, do it in hot water to kill all of the pests. Drying in heat will ensure the job is done thoroughly. Consider the hampers and laundry baskets that hold these fabrics and materials because you can bet there are probably eggs and even fully grown adult insects hiding in these places as well. So remember to clean them as well.

Declutter Your Home

The best way to reduce the chances of bed bugs taking over your home is to give them fewer places to hide and breed. Bed bugs love to find easy hiding spots that go undisturbed for long periods of time. So look around the house and identify those places that are filled with too much clutter. Scale back on the things you no longer need inside your home. You’re just making it easier for bed bugs to invite themselves in.

Try Encasements

Bed bugs like to get into mattresses and stay there until you intervene. One way to keep bed bugs from biting while you sleep is to cover the mattress and the box spring in sturdy encasements that act as a barrier between you and the bugs. Leave these covers on for a full year to ensure that the bugs don’t get out and you are able to eradicate their nuisance.

Take Action

If you have a significant bed bug problem, you can take steps to reduce their numbers through vacuuming. Do it to your carpets, furniture, under and around the bed, and every little nook and cranny in the home.

Be sure to change the bag on the vacuum each time and dispose of it immediately in a Dumpster or exterior garbage bin. Don’t just toss it into your kitchen or bedroom trash can. You’re just inviting the bed bugs to come back.

For those particularly bad infestations you may need to call your local Pest Removal Raleigh so they may implement drastic measures with the use of heavy duty professional equipment.

Be Patient

Eliminating the scourge of bed bugs is a difficult task but not impossible. Your first inclination may be to start discarding all of your personal belongings, but this is a knee-jerk reaction to a tough situation. If you follow the above steps, you can keep bed bugs out of your home all summer and for many more summers to come.

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