Families with young kids have a lot top consider when it comes to outfitting the home. This is especially important when it comes to choosing carpet or flooring. The floor of any home is going to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, but kids can be particularly rough on both. Spills, messes, accidents, even artistic creativity with magic markers and molding clay can and likely will have a lasting, detrimental effect on whichever material you decide to lay down in the house.

The key is to find a carpet or a floor that is built to take on the type of abuse that kids can dish out. But how do you find the best carpet or flooring for your family’s unique needs? It’s more than just about selecting a certain color or style of carpet or flooring, you need the material you install to be designed and manufactured to offer a combination of attributes to preserve its condition and appearance.

So here are some of the most important factors you should keep in mind when you are seeking out carpet or flooring for a home with kids:


Purchasing carpet already comes with a variety of decisions to make but when you’re trying to buy one that is kid-proof, some of the options you might normally consider may be off the table.


The fibers of the carpet are among the most important components you want to consider because they are the main contact point for foot traffic. So the type of fiber you select for your carpet will have an impact on keeping it in the best shape possible.

With that in mind, you want to choose synthetic over natural fiber because it’s a lot easier to clean. Most synthetic fibers are fashioned from nylon which is the best at warding off the long-term damage that can come from spills and hard foot traffic. Polyester is also very good at resisting the impacts of messes while being soft and comfortable to walk across with bare feet.

Synthetic is also much more effective at maintaining its color and condition, making it a lot sturdier and resilient against the level of punishment that kids can dole out.


Choosing a carpet that is too dark or too light can be a bad idea. Going with a dark color or deep shade might be a good idea for hiding those grape juice stains but you can bet it will show off the dirt and grime that can end up on there. Bright colors are going to be even more revealing of all those mishaps and mistakes that can take place with children.

The best bet is to try a color or shade that isn’t too dark or too light. Consider a blue, a grey, even a beige or something neutral. But no matter the color of your carpet, if you don’t call your local Perth carpet cleaning professional to give it a steam cleaning every six months to a year, it’s going to be very difficult to keep it in good condition. It may even void your warranty in the bargain.


Believe it or not, you can have kids and floors. You don’t need to choose one. Many parents might opt for carpet because it provides a soft surface and the little ones won’t get hurt if they happen to fall down while still learning to walk. But for those families with kids who are just a bit older, flooring is a good choice as long as it has been manufactured for durability.

When you’re looking for carpet, you want one that is stain-resistant. For flooring, the main type of resistance you want in a home with kids is scratch-resistance. Kids don’t consider how their toys and activities might scratch and scuff a floor. With a scratch resistant floor, they don’t need to.

Some of the types of flooring you should consider have certain features and capabilities that make them ideal for families.

Hardwood Flooring

Most hardwood floors are built to resist damage from scratches and moisture, making it much easier to clean up spills. But the extent to which you can enjoy such luxuries in your flooring will depend largely on the species of wood you select. Here is where you need to balance quality and resilience against costs. Some hardwood flooring can be significantly expensive.

Laminate Flooring

The best option when you want the durability of good hardwood flooring without the price tag that often comes with it. Laminate uses compressed veneers that give the appearance of real wood and this flooring is a lot easier to maintain. You don’t need to wax or polish it, which is something you must do with authentic hardwood.

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