Mold growth develops in areas that are exposed to prolonged excessive moisture. Whether it’s water damage from a burst or leaky pipe or you’re cleaning up after a flood, mold can be a serious problem in your home. One that can become so toxic as to present some significant health and safety issues in the form of respiratory illness and allergic reactions that could make it difficult to breathe.

Your first step to solving any type of prevalent mold problem is to contact a centrevilleva contractor who specializes in mold remediation and have this dangerous growth removed from the home.

Yet despite taking this step for clean-up, it’s possible you might see mold growth return in some capacity. As a result the problem has not been solved and you will need to have the cause diagnosed. In many cases, even after a mold infestation has been cleared out, you may discover that there is an even deeper underlying condition that is allowing the mold to return once more.

Major Contributors to Mold

A contamination of mold can occur from any number of causes that are actually quite common in households across the country. You may not even realize you have an issue until a professional mold remediation service has a good, long look around those parts of the home where mold growth is typically located.

Even after a remediation service has done the work, you could see the mold return as a result of mold contamination in your HVAC system. When your AC or heat is being distributed through the home, any mold spores contained in the ducts or cooling unit are being spread whenever you operate the system.

Leaks that were missed before could be the culprit. A plumbing leak or a window that isn’t set flush into the side of the house could be allowing water from precipitation to seep into the home. These could cause water damage and allow mold to sprout.

Anywhere you might find high levels of unwanted moisture, be it in an attic or under your carpet, you are running the risk of mold growing and contaminating the home. This is causing a serious health hazard for you and your family.

Solving the Problem

It’s pretty simple to prevent mold from returning and it involves locating any problem areas where there is too much moisture in and around the home. You will typically find the worst issues in a basement or other rooms in the house that are exposed to moist air. Try running a dehumidifier in a room that might have too much moisture.

Good ventilation is also critical with proper airflow moving in any areas that have become wet or damp. Water in the home needs to be removed as fast as possible. Check for dark spots or discoloration in your ceilings, walls, even around the floors near windows in particular. These are tell-tale signs that water is getting into the house and the source needs to be found and fixed immediately.

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