Relocating to another home is often a tall order, especially if you have a large family. Organising your stuff and packing them for the moving requires time and effort. But there is no other challenging task in moving to a new home than a furniture removal in Sunshine Coast.

Furniture items, especially the old and damaged ones, are probably the most difficult to pack and prepare for the relocation.  To do this, you need the help of your friends and professional removalists to pack and prepare them.

Here are the tips you should be mindful of when carrying out a furniture removal:

  • Use Specialised Packing Supplies

Furniture items are often made of fragile materials that can get easily damaged during the moving process. To make sure they are well-protected, do not just place them in ordinary boxes. You must cover them in bubble wraps, plastic stretch wrap, couch and mattress covers, sealable plastic bags, and corrugated cardboard sheets for added protection.  

  • Clean Them Before Packing

Take time to clean the dust, grime, and other debris from your pieces of furniture as they can cause scratches and smears. You should also remove grease or oils that can spread during the moving process.

  • Disassemble In Advance

Dismantling furniture items can protect them from impact when handling them. For beds, disassemble the frames and remove the cushions. If possible, remove the legs of the table and chairs. You also need to keep in mind to use sealable plastic bags where you can put in the screws, nut and bolts; and other hardware and tape them securely to the item. For doors and cupboards, also remove the knobs, pulls and casters. Take the drawers also out of dressers and desks then pack other items inside them.  

  • Prepare a Placement Plan

Make sure that you position the pieces of furniture in such a way that they can be placed and removed easily. Proper placement will also protect them from bumps when the truck starts moving.

  • Request Professional Help

Doing these tasks requires the assistance and advice from professional removalists. They know the proper method of protecting antique and fragile items. With their years of experience under their belt, they already learn the appropriate adequate way for disassembling and packing furniture as well as loading and unloading them.

Furniture removal Sunshine Coast needs a concerted effort from your family and friends. You should also hire experienced removalists for added help and guidance for a stress-free home relocation.


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